Solutions for
Market Research

Solutions for Market Research

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Solutions for
Human Resources

Solutions for Human ressources

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Panel Management

Solutions for Panel Management

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Our keyingress survey software is so intuitive and user friendly that you can easily create your surveys yourself. But if you do need help, a quick call or email to our support team will quickly get you back on track. Or you could let us do the work for you. If you wish, we can do everything you need for your survey: programme questionnaires, create dashboards and online panels, and much more.

Solutions for Market Research


Survey Software

If you do market research and run exciting projects, Ingress is the place to be. Our web-based survey software keyingress has a solution for every type of research: telephone interviews (CATI), online surveys, face-to-face interviews in field studios, and offline surveys (survey app). The different methods are easy to combine.

Online Panel Software

panelingress is Ingress' module for the creation and management of your online panels. panelingress covers the entire survey process from the creation of the questionnaire, the invitation of the participants through to participant incentivization and the analysis of the data.

Recruiting Software

If you do qualitative market research and recruit respondents for tests, we have a solution for you too: Invitation Manager. Invitation Manager is the recruiting solution and is fully integrated with the keyingress software.

Offline Survey App

With Ingress' Survey app, you can conduct personal surveys on site. The Survey app runs on all tablets, smartphones and laptops, and does not require an internet connection. See for yourself and Download the app now. Hit the road with mobilingress!

What our customers say:

Whether online, offline, by phone or in the field,
the keyingress survey software and Ingress'
services enable us to turn around any requirements
in the blink of an eye.

Robert Schulze, Managing Director, Konkret Market Research

Solutions for Human Resources

Solutions for Human Resources

Employee Surveys

Do you know how satisfied your employees and colleagues are? In many cases, companies don't know how satisfied and motivated their employees are until it's too late. It doesn't have to be that way. Employee surveys, which are usually conducted online, are a good way of preventing unnecessary employee turnover. Our keyingress software enables you to conduct your Employee surveys yourself. From the creation of the questionnaire to the dispatch of the invitation emails through to the generation of anonymous reports.

360-degree feedback analysis

Feedback analyses provide more in-depth details. You can compare departments or carry out a 360-degree feedback analysis. Information about your managers' leadership style is obtained by analyzing their leadership style. Our keyingress Feedback module is the perfect tool to manage your human resources.

Get started for free

If you would like to try our survey software, request a free trial version today. The trial version expires automatically after 30 days. It's a great way to experience the functionality yourself. Full online help is included.

Solutions for Online Panels

Solutions for Online Panels

Panel Management

Efficient panel management has never been so easy. Whether you're running a typical market research panel, a company panel or a customer community – panelingress panel software by Ingress is the perfect solution. It’s a great way of involving your customers in product development. Panels for particular target groups, such as doctors and farmers, are also easy to create. The numerous design and layout options enable your panel to be seamlessly integrated with your company's website. Participants log in to the panel through your website and can immediately start the surveys assigned to them.
Online Panel with customers layout

Online Panel with customers layout

Panel App

The Panel app for smartphones and tablets enables participants to take surveys when they're travelling. App users receive a push notification when a new survey is ready for them. With the Panel app ist also possible to send out locations based invitations.

Highlights of panelingress

  • Integrated editing system for easy management
  • Panel template in responsive web design
  • Interface with popular panel marketplaces
  • Connection to PayPal and Skrill
  • Panel app for iOS and Android
  • Panel dashboard
  • Can be used with third-party survey software
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Looking for CATI software?

You are looking for a new CATI software? Please have a look at our solution. Modern, flexible and ready to use.
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Plenty of options: Wether classical question types or gamification - our survey software keyingress is the right solutions.
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