Ingress GmbH is one of the leading German suppliers of software solutions for feedback management , market research and employee surveys . Ingress' customers include market research institutes, consulting firms, financial service providers and major industrial and service companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries. Ingress' cloud-based survey platform handles over 130 million emails a year worldwide and up to eight million interviews.

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Ingress was established in 2004 by Dr Oliver Kohrmann and Christian Decker. Since then, the two founders have been managing the company together and pursuing a consistent course for growth.

Dr Oliver Kohrmann has a degree in Business Administration and did his PhD in marketing and market research. He is responsible for the commercial side of business and in particular for sales and marketing. He is also the contact for everything that has to do with services.

Christian Decker studied electrical engineering, and engineering management. He is responsible for the technical side of business and in particular for the development of software, customisation and technical support.

The two managing directors are supported by a team of experienced software engineers and project managers that are available to answer any questions you have about our software solutions and services.


Working with carefully selected partners enables us to broaden our portfolio of services. All of our partners have an excellent reputation in their fields and work closely with us. The technical solutions developed by our partners are fully integrated with our software products. Your advantage: you have one software interface and one point of contact.

Authensis AG

authensis provides innovative communication solutions for all relevant channels around the ACHAT Software Suite, seamlessly integrated into your business processes and infrastructures.
authensis ACHAT - CATI dialer at its finest!

Enghouse AG

Enghouse AG develops and distributes the Elsbeth dialer system. The dialler is seamlessly integrated with keyingress, where it is managed and configured.


We partner with Riecke in the area of analyses, cross tabs and coding. Riecke is also our sales partner. (in German only)


Run-e is a provider of interview management solutions. Run-e's MR Orga Suite is connected to keyingress through an interface.

Our Partners say:

Integrating the keyingress survey software
with the ELSBETH dialer system creates a
solution that is unbeatable in the area of
computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI).

Christian Thaler, Team Manager Sales, Enghouse AG