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Offline Survey App

A survey app is installed on all mobile devices. It contains the questionnaire and the interviewer's permissions. The survey app can handle multiple projects, meaning that you can organize several surveys with different characteristics. This prevents interviewers from opening questionnaires they're not authorized to use.
Display on a smartphone

Display on a smartphone

During the survey, internal statistics can be generated to see how many interviews have been conducted. Aborted interviews and screen-outs are also displayed. You can also add your own counting conditions. Results can be transferred to keyingress as soon as an internet connection has been established, for example, through WiFi or UMTS. Data can also be stored locally.

Project management

Surveys are created and managed in keyingress. This is where the questionnaires are programmed and the surveys set up. The interviewers are also managed in keyingress. Once the survey has been set up, an app is generated and exported to the mobile devices. The data are easy to export using a QR code, a conventional link or email.
Creation of a mobile survey

Creation of a mobile survey


Download the Demo Survey App (Android, Windows) for your Tablet, Smartphone or Computer.

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Field management

mobilingress has sophisticated field management functionality that enables survey projects to be pushed to particular devices. It also enables surveys to be stopped remotely or to change the field period. Interviewer permissions can also be changed at any time. The monitoring functions in the keyingress survey software enable project managers to stay on top of things. Not only are the active surveys and interviews displayed for each of the devices, a map also shows where each device is located. Worldwide in real time!

Exporting results and reporting

The results are stored on the devices during the survey. For analyses and field controls, a permanent data connection can be established to transfer data in real time to keyingress, where they are analyzed using one of the many report functions. Data can also be exported to a number of different file formats (Excel, SPSS, ASCII, GESS tabs).

System prerequisites

mobilingress is device-independent and can be used on all Android devices from version 4 (Ice cream sandwich) or Windows devices (XP, Vista, version 7, version 8). This means that mobilingress can be run on most tablets, smartphones and laptops. All that is needed to manage and evaluate the research is an internet-enabled computer.

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