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The clipboard is so yesterday

Whether you're conducting trade fair surveys, passenger surveys, car clinics, observations or surveys in shopping malls - the mobilingress survey app is the perfect solution. Interviews are conducted on a tablet or smartphone without having to connect them to the internet. This makes it possible to use mobilingress in areas that don't have any network coverage. mobilingress is an add-on module for the keyingress survey software.

Display on a smartphone

Display on a smartphone

Easy management of the survey app

Easy management of the survey app

Centralised project management

You control the mobilingress survey app centrally through the keyingress survey software. Survey projects are created and all of the necessary settings for field work set up in keyingress. This includes things such as field time, the questionnaire layout and the survey language. The finished projects are then transferred to the mobile device with one click. The survey app can handle multiple projects, meaning that you can run several survey projects with different characteristics alongside each other. This prevents interviewers from opening questionnaires they don't have permissions for. The entire field monitoring and the analysis are performed in keyingress.

Schedule a meeting

Learn more about the possibilities of the mobilingress survey app in a personal online meeting. Free and without obligation.

Integrated device management

The offline survey app runs on smartphones, tablets and laptops. You can register the devices in keyingress and name them after projects or interviewers, for example. For big projects with lots of devices, it makes sense to group them together. With device monitoring and the map-based display, you can track the interviewer’s location live. If quality assurance is important to you, you will love this function.

Live device location

Live device location

More than a survey

The mobilingress survey app is more than just a market research app. It enables you to digitally capture a wide variety of information. For example, lists with streets and public transportation stations can be stored for traffic surveys so route maps can be created. Photos and videos can be taken directly from the questionnaire. This is great for mystery shopping projects. The quality of open questions can be improved with an audio recording. If mobilingress is used in audits, the entries can be confirmed by capturing signatures.

System requirements

You can use the offline survey app mobilingress with almost every mobile device. The only requirement is that you use Android from version 4 (Ice cream sandwich) or Windows (XP, Vista, version 7, version 8, version 10). All you need to manage and analyse the project is a computer with internet access and a browser that’s up to date.