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Can be used anywhere

The mobilingress offline survey app is a real native app. This means that an internet connection is not needed to conduct surveys. All of the captured data are temporarily stored on the mobile devices. This makes mobilingress particularly suitable for surveys in places with poor network coverage, e.g. on trains or airplanes.

Automatic synchronisation

The offline survey app mobilingress is always up to date thanks to live synchronisation. As soon as an internet connection is available, mobilingress checks whether new projects or new questionnaire versions are available for download and uploads captured interviews to keyingress where they can be immediately analysed.

Professional field management

The integrated Field Management leaves nothing to desire. Whether you work with few or many devices, you can start or stop surveys on individual devices at any time. Conveniently from the keyingress app. To make things even more convenient, devices can be combined into device groups, e.g. "POS survey Hamburg city centre".

All questionnaire functions

You can use all of the keyingress questionnaire functions with the offline survey app mobilingress. This means that even very long and complex questionnaires will run on mobile devices. Filters, skip logic, selection routines and multimedia elements; the possibilities are almost endless. Try it yourself and tap into the mobile world with mobilingress.

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Download the app

Download the demo survey app (Android, Windows) for your tablet, smartphone or computer here.

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