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Onsite and offsite – you choose

How would you like to conduct your online survey? Onsite on a website or offsite with email invitation? With the keyingress survey software you have the perfect solution for every option. Questionnaires can be integrated directly with websites or published in a flexible layer. For offsite surveys, email addresses are easily imported from Excel. For the invitation, keyingress has a fully fledged email management system. Thanks to a modern template system, your surveys will always look perfect. All layout templates are easy to customise – if you wish, directly in HTML too.

Publish surveys in no time

The keyingress survey software offers virtually unlimited possibilities - even when it comes to publishing online surveys. See for yourself and choose the channel that's best for your project and target group.

  • Publish a static survey link on a website
  • Publish a static survey link in a website layer
  • Fixed survey link with password protection
  • QR code on a website or flyers
  • Send personal links by email through the integrated dispatch system
  • Send personal links anywhere in the world by text message
  • Export personal links to an Excel file
  • Upload personal links and emails through the software interface (API)

Plugins – the apps for your questionnaire

Create your own questionnaire tool. The plugin interface helps you easily embed third-party applications in the questionnaire. Plugins can be written, for example, in JavaScript. All you have to do is define the corresponding result variables when the questionnaire is created. They store the data that are captured by the plugin. Once created, it’s easy to use a plugin in any questionnaire. If you don't want to create your own plugins, it’s good to know that the keyingress survey software comes with a lot of plugins that are ready to use.

Plugin LIke Dislike

Plugin LIke Dislike

Demo survey

See for yourself and try out the various options in our online demo survey.

Start demo survey

Survey targeting

You can use a link or a layer to add an online survey to a website. This is a good way of polling the website users, for example. The survey can be integrated directly with the website or by adding a layer that automatically opens when the page is accessed. In keyingress, you create the questionnaire, design the layout and the layer, and generate the link. Optionally, the survey can be displayed directly in the layer. With the integrated layer management, it is possible to target your survey on any website. For example, a user can be specifically invited to take part in the survey at defined touchpoints.

Layer with integrated survey

Layer with integrated survey

Automatic event-based surveys

With automatic event-based surveys you capture the customer experience where it happens, e.g. immediately after using a service. The user receives a personal survey invitation immediately after the service experience. Our keyingress survey software has flexible interfaces (API) and customisable automation functions. Very important, though, is not to go overboard on the survey invitations. In keyingress, dispatch processes have been created to avoid doing just that. The insights that you gain can be displayed live in the integrated dashboard.

Surveys with external panellists

Even if you don't have any email addresses or participants for an online survey, you can still take advantage of the benefits of our keyingress survey software. In this case, you can add an external sample to your project. Your respondents are panellists who have agreed to take part in online surveys as part of their panel membership. This works with every panel and is easy to implement. The email invitation the panellists receive from the third-party panel provider contains a link that takes them to the questionnaire in keyingress.

Employee survey

Employee survey

Employee surveys

Employees are invited to take part in employee surveys in keyingress by email. They fill out the online questionnaire, which displays in your corporate design. The invitations are emailed from keyingress. Security and data protection are particularly important when it comes to employee surveys. In addition to email encryption, we also guarantee SSL encrypted access to the questionnaire. The data are stored on very secure servers and the optional minimum number of participants guarantees that answers cannot be traced back to individual participants. To date, the keyingress survey software has been used successfully in over 400 employee surveys.

Schedule a meeting

Learn more about online surveys with the keyingress survey software in a personal online meeting. Free and without obligation.

Recording mouse movements (click test)

In online advertising research, the mouse is referred to as the extended eye. People look where they click. In research, you can use this to your advantage. Participants in an online survey are asked to click on an image with the mouse. This action is recorded so the image areas that are being looked at can be analysed. This online gaze registration – also known as click test – is integrated with the keyingress survey software as a module. The results are displayed in heatmaps and can also be exported.

Mouse tracking picture

Mouse tracking picture

Ingress’s service

Take advantage of our experts’ experience. If you don't have time to programme the questionnaire, or don’t feel like it, we’re happy to do it for you. Send us the questionnaire and all of your requirements - e.g. quota specifications, layout specifications - and we’ll set up everything for you. If you wish, we can also do all the field support.

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