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The functions in a nutshell

  • Over 30 different question types
  • Interactive question types (drag and drop, page flip effect, highlight images etc.)
  • Personal or static survey links
  • Survey links can be exported
  • Survey per QR code
  • Own URL (e.g.
  • SSL encrypted survey link
  • Optional password access for participants
  • All languages and character sets are possible
  • Includes numerous modern survey layouts
  • Easily create your own survey layouts
  • Accessibility functions in accordance with BITV (German Accessible Information Technology Regulation)
  • Survey invitation by email from integrated dispatch system
  • Emails with dynamic content
  • Send spam-proof emails with SPF and DKIM
  • Better response through manual or automatic email reminder
  • Set up your own account to send email
  • Recognise and process bounced email (bounce management)
  • Easy to import participants from Excel or CSV files
  • Extensive functions for the automation of survey processes
  • Real-time field report
  • Online reporting
  • Export data to CSV, SPSS (labelled), Excel, ASCII and TripleS file formats
  • Integration with the Ingress Dashboard module
  • Quota management
  • Integrate/use third-party panels
  • Can be combined with other survey modes (e.g. telephone interviews or offline surveys)
  • Functions to recruit panellists through online surveys