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Participant management

Participant Management is the basis of your online panel. It's where the participants - the panellists - are stored. There are a number of data fields that you can use to define participant variables. Variables can be the panellist's name or email address, the way the product is used, hobbies or behavioural characteristics. Permissions enable you to determine which variables the participant is allowed to change in the online portal. The Participant Management function also displays the participant's activity, for example, how often a person participates in surveys.
Flexible data management

Flexible data management

An intuitive search builder guarantees the quick creation of target groups for all surveys. You can use all of the participant variables as well as a number of system criteria in the search.
Search builder

Search builder

Demo panel

Visit our online demo panel.

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Panel Monitor

Panel Monitor shows you what your panel is doing. You can see how many active members your panel has and how many new registrations are submitted on a daily basis. The information is displayed in real time at the press a button, making Panel Monitor the optimum dashboard to control your panel with. The clearly structured Panel Development view enables you to see at a glance how successful recruiting or promotion activities were. The incentive evaluation shows you how loyalty points are developing and the monetary value of your panel.
Panel monitor

Panel monitor


panelingress has an integrated incentive system to help you increase participation. Participants automatically collect points for their participation in surveys. The allocation of points is flexible. Points can be allocated for completed and started surveys or based on conditions. The acquisition of new members or new registrations can also be rewarded with points. Participants can view their point status at any time in their personal account. Points can be exchanged in the panel shop:
  • Automatically send coupon code
  • Payment through Paypal or Skrill
  • Wire transfer/SEPA interface
  • Donations
  • Products

Participant portal

Participants access the closed member portal and the surveys from a login page. Participants can change their details, view their points, and exchange points for products or vouchers. The participant portal can be designed from a content management system (CMS).

Panel app

We developed our own panel app so you can conduct panel surveys on mobile devices (e.g. smartphone or tablet) with ease. App users receive a push notification when a new survey is ready for them. Because the panel app stores the access data, users can start the questionnaire without having to click their way to it. The survey is - of course optimized for display on mobile devices. As a panel operator, you can personalize the app and give it any name you want. You can also determine which panel functions - e.g. manage master data or display accounts - are available in your panel app.


Download the Ingress panel app for your Tablet or Smartphone.


Portal management

The panel website can be designed with an integrated content management system. Participants log in to the panel and access their personal area from a login page. A participant's personal area contains the surveys they have been allocated. They can also change their details or view their account. The content management system is an easy way of managing your panel because it doesn't require any programming knowledge. Multiple parallel panels are also easy to manage.
Panel settings

Panel settings

Connecting panel marketplaces

The interface to the popular panel marketplaces opens a realm of possibilities. The interface enables you to make your panel available for a wide range of projects. Projects that are available in the marketplaces are automatically added to panelingress. A variety of filters enable you to determine which projects should be carried out. The invitation emails for the surveys are also dispatched automatically. And because personal information is never exchanged, the system meets all data privacy regulations. The interface is available für the following panels:
  • Cint
  • Dalia
  • Dataspring
  • GMO
  • Lucid
  • Paradigm
  • Peanut Labs
  • PureSpectrum
  • SSI
  • Toluna

Integration with keyingress

panelingress is a module for keyingress. In addition to online surveys, keyingress is the ideal solution for telephone and personal interviews. This means that you can recruit new panel members by telephone or that you can conduct a telephone interview among your panellists. It's also easy to create ad-hoc surveys. keyingress combined with panelingress is the perfect solution for today's market research.

Our Customers say:

We chose Ingress' panel software to conduct
surveys because we liked its flexibility.

Dr. Barbara Praetorius, Head of Unit, Verband kommunaler Unternehmen e.V.