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Flexible panellist management

Participant Management is the foundation of your online panel. It's where the participants - the panellists - are stored. A variety of data field types are available to define profile attributes. Attributes can be the panellist's name or email address, the way they use the product, hobbies or behavioural traits. Participant Management also displays the participant's activity, for example, the survey frequency. All of the profile attributes and other system information can be used to select and invite panellists to the survey.

Wide range of incentivisation options

panelingress has an integrated incentive system to help you boost survey participation. Participants automatically collect points for their participation in surveys. The member-gets-member scheme and new registrations can also be rewarded with points.

  • Automatically send coupon code
  • Payment through PayPal, Skrill or Hyperwallet
  • Cash transfer/SEPA interface
  • Donations
  • Plant trees/EcoMatcher API
  • Raffles
  • Products

Online panel portal – Cookie cutter or custom?

With our modern, ready-to-use panel portal, your panel will be up and running in no time. All you have to do is create the logo, write the texts, choose the images and the functions, and away you go. Fast and cost effective. You want something more you? No problem! Our panel software comes with an integrated editorial system that enables you to customise all of the layout templates. In every language and character set, too! We'd be more than happy to tell you about the possibilities.

Ingress demo panel

Ingress demo panel

Demo panel

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Targeted recruiting

Use the channel to recruit panellists that suits your needs best. Classic online recruitment, e.g. banner ads, has proven to be particularly successful. You could also include a recruiting question in an online survey. And special target groups can be recruited by telephone, for example. We have the perfect functions for both. Automatic and data privacy compliant. A special code can be used for customer panels to prevent just anyone from registering.

Quality matters

In the age of AI and bots, maintaining a high panel quality is a challenge. Our goal is for only real people to register for your panel and participate in surveys. To this end, our panelingress panel software analyses the panellists’ answers and checks where they are signing in from. For example, you wouldn’t want someone signing in from France to take part in an English panel. As a result, our panel software determines quality scores that you can use to control project invitations.

Invitation agent

Invitation agent

Automatic sampling

Efficient panel management means meeting the survey goal with as few invitations as possible, whether you send them by email, app push or browser push. The selection and sending of invitvations is fully automated in our panelingress panel software. You specify which participant groups are invited (e.g. women) and the groups' expected response rate (e.g. 20%). panelingress does the rest. Invitations are automatically sent out until the quotas are reached. In the meantime, you can work on other projects.

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The Panel Monitor shows you what’s happening in your panel. You can see how many active members your panel has and how many new registrations are recorded per day. This makes the Panel Monitor the best dashboard to control your panel with. The differentiated presentation of a panel's development immediately shows how successful the recruitment campaigns are, and the incentive overview shows the panel's monetary value. The incentive overview shows you the monetary value of your panel. For more in-depth insights, you can create your own reports, e.g. an online panel book with our Dashboard module.

Panel monitor

Panel monitor


With the Ingress Panel app, you can invite participants to a survey when they reach a specific location. An intuitive user interface enables you to add hotspots, for example, at a specific location in a town. You then specify the action that is triggered when participants enter the designated area with their smartphone, for example, a push notification with an invitation to a survey.

Interface to panel marketplaces

The interface to popular panel marketplaces, including Cint and PureSpectrum, opens a realm of opportunities. The interface enables you to make your panel available for a wide range of projects. Available projects in the marketplaces are automatically added to panelingress. A variety of filters enable you to determine which projects should be carried out. The system is data privacy compliant because personal information is not exchanged.

Panel service by Ingress

You’re planning to set up a new online panel? Or you’d like to move your current panel? Take advantage of our experts’ experience. We will help you set up a new panel or migrate your current panel.

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