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Reward for surveys

Taking part in surveys should be worthwhile. With our panelingress panel software you are in control of the rewards. Whether complete, screenout or quota full, you determine who gets which reward when. Even conditional rewards are possible. All rewards are stored in the panellist’s account as redeemable points.

Perfect profiling

The better you know your panellists, the more targeted your surveys invitations can be. Profiling depths of any kind can be displayed in our panel software. Automatic surveys ensure that all panel members answer the profile questions. To ensure the profile is up to date, these surveys can be repeated regularly and incentivised.

Always mobile – the app

Speed is of the essence, especially in panel market research. The Ingress Panel app enables you to reach panellists wherever they are. You can invite them to new surveys via push notification and they can take part in a survey wherever they are. The Ingress Panel app is a white label solution and is published in your name in the App store.


It’s hard to imagine a software system without an API. APIs are indispensable when it comes to exchanging data between systems. The benefit of having an API in our panel software: you can use other tools, e.g. to analyse your panel or calculate rewards, and to access your panel. Instantaneously. You can also use our supplier API to integrate global panel marketplaces.

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