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Solutions for Call Centres

Quality management as part of customer service

The success of your business is built on your customers' satisfaction with the services you provide. Customer service is your customers' first point of contact when they need help. Their satisfaction with the service you provide reflects their satisfaction with the whole company. Do you know if your customers are happy with the service you provide? Are you aware of any areas for improvement? Why not ask your customers and find out?

Ingress' web-based quality management provides you with a complete solution!

Customer survey in a corporate design

Customer survey in a corporate design

Immediately after the service contact – e.g. by phone or email – the customer receives a personal email with a link to an online questionnaire. Open and closed questions are used to ask the customer, for example, about the accessibility, the friendliness and the competence of the service they received. The online questionnaire can be created with your corporate design and logo. Customers can stop the questionnaire and pick up where they left off at any time.

Call-centre software

Successful telemarketing projects require modern call-centre software. That's why we developed salesingress, which is web-beased and immediately usable. Whether you need it for two workplaces or 200 — salesingress is the perfect solution.

Outbound projects

salesingress is suitable for all of your outbound projects. The below is a selection of its functions:
  • Telesales
  • Fieldwork planning
  • Address qualification
  • Surveys
  • Invitations to trade fairs
  • Action items
  • ...