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Even the most complex questionnaires are quickly and efficiently programmed in keyingress. The intuitive user interface enables you to create questionnaires by clicking the components you need where you need them. And you don't need to know how to programme. For very demanding projects, we developed the plain2form process, which consists of writing a script in a standard text editor (e.g. Word) and copying and pasting it into keyingress. Learn more

Survey modes

Project overview

Project overview

Our basic package enables you to run almost all your market research projects, whether you run them by telephone or online, in person or with a touchscreen terminal. We also have a variety of modules for special projects. keyingress' basic package contains the following survey modes: The survey methods can be combined for mixed-mode projects. For example, you can conduct a telephone interview and let the participants answer the questionnaire online. Or you can call the participants to invite them to take part in an online survey. keyingress enables you to implement all of your project requirements quickly and easily.

Get started for free

If you would like to try our survey software request a free trial version today. The trial version expires automatically after 30 days. It's a great way to experience the functionality yourself. Full online help is included.

Sample management

Sample management, which is called target group management in keyingress, is where you manage your survey participants. Survey participants can be participants in an online survey or telephone interview, members of an online panel or your respondents. New participants are simply imported. Learn more


keyingress is ideal for your international projects. The system languages are German and English. Surveys can be created in every language. An intuitive translation function makes it easy to create multilingual projects. Learn more

Reporting and datasets

keyingress' reporting functions enable you to analyze your projects in real time. Standard reports show you immediately how participants are answering questions. For additional analyses, keyingress has export interfaces to SPSS, Excel, GESStabs and topStud, as well as a configurable ASCII export. Learn more


With the keyingress survey software, analyzing open mentions is as easy as baking apple pie. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for coders to manually code open mentions. learn more


A permission system is particularly important when a project involves several people. In keyingress, profiles are used to determine who is allowed to do what. This makes keyingress the perfect solution for large companies. Learn more


Surveys should have an appealing layout. A well-structured questionnaire increases the participants' willingness to complete it. In keyingress, the layout is driven by a template system. Templates are used to layout online questionnaires, emails in HTML, online panels and online reports. Learn more