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Mixed-Mode Surveys

Mixed mode describes surveys that use several survey modes. The classic example is the combination of online surveys and telephone interviews. If a participant doesn't want to answer questions on the phone, the interviewer can email him/her the link to the questionnaire. The main benefit is an increase in the response rate.

All of the survey modes can be combined. You create a questionnaire in keyingress and decide later which mode you want to publish it in. In addition to the above-mentioned telephone/online combination, other mixed mode variants are also available.

Mixed-mode variants

  • Start a survey in the studio and continue it by phone a few days later
  • Start a mobile survey (offline) in the shopping mall and finish it online
  • Fill out a screener for each CATI and conduct the main survey in the studio
  • Use the start survey to recruit for an online panel by phone

Our Customers say:

Whether online, offline, by phone or in the field,
the keyingress survey software and Ingress'
services enable us to turn around any requirements
in the blink of an eye.

Robert Schulze, Managing Director, Konkret Market Research