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Online surveys have become part and parcel of online market research, an area that is still growing in importance and popularity. Online surveys are the best way of finding out how you can encourage employee development and how your company is fairing in terms of innovation. keyingress has a powerful online survey module that you can but don't have to configure to send email invitations. This makes keyingress the ideal tool for your feedback processes.

Demo Survey

Try our Online Demo Survey.

Demo Survey

Online consumer surveys

Do you know what your customers think of you? Or what their needs are? The easiest way to find out is to conduct a consumer survey. Surveys are quickly and easily set up in keyingress. If you have your customers' email addresses, all you have to do is import them and create the questionnaire. Once that's done, you can send your customers personalized emails from keyingress.
Email settings

Email settings

Each email contains a personal link to the online questionnaire. Survey participants can stop and start the survey at any time. Previously answered questions are saved. To ensure that as many people as possible participate in the survey, keyingress has a user-definable reminder that can be automatically triggered.
Customer survey in a corporate design

Customer survey in a corporate design

Responsive design

Market research is becoming increasingly mobile. More and more online surveys are done on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The mobile device detection system that is integrated in our keyingress survey software guarantees that the survey displays properly on every device. Images are scaled optimally and tables are displayed as individual questions. This is known as responsive design or adaptive layout.


'Surveys should be fun!', and is exactly what is expected of online surveys today. In addition to the standard types of questions, interactive elements such as short video games, paginating magazines and drag and drop questions are gaining in popularity. keyingress has a number of innovative question types that are easy to add to questionnaires.


Surveytainment Question types

  • Drag and drop questions
  • Click and click questions
  • Shelf test
  • Image rating
  • Image Marker
  • Text marking
  • Virtual tachistoscope
  • Click test (mouse tracking)
  • Slider
  • Star rating
  • Two-stage brand selection
All surveytainment questions are easy to create and add to any questionnaire.

Demo Survey

Try our Online Demo Survey.

Demo Survey

QR code generator

QR codes make it easy to start surveys on a smartphone or tablet computer. The smartphone is held in front of the code and the survey begins. keyingress have an integrated QR code generator that enables you to generate QR codes for each online survey. The code is displayed on the screens so that surveys can be conducted directly at the point of sale.  

Employee surveys

Your employees receive an email invitation that you set up in and sent from keyingress. If need be, you can also send PGP encrypted emails from keyingress. The invited employees fill out the online questionnaire that you created in your corporate design.
Employee survey

Employee survey

Security and data protection are important, especially when it comes to employee surveys. In addition to email encryption, we also guarantee SSL encrypted access to the questionnaire. The data are stored on secure servers and the optional minimum number of particpants guarantees that answers cannot be traced back to individual participants. To date, keyingress has been used successfully in over 200 employee surveys. For employees who share access to the internet, for example, on the shop floor, touchscreen terminals can be used.

Homepage surveys

You can add a hard link to a survey to a website. In this case, participants do not receive an invitation by email. This is a good way of polling the opinion of people who use the website. The survey can be integrated directly with the website or by adding a layer that automatically opens when the page is accessed. In keyingress, you create the questionnaire, determine its layout, and generate the link. You also have the option of specifying how often the questionnaire can be filled out.

Innovation research

New products are expensive. That's why it's important to test how innovative they are before they go into production. keyingress offers a lot of possibilities in this area. For example, product images can be evaluated, or product animation integrated with online surveys. Participants can be customers or internal target groups, for example, if new ideas are supposed to be evaluated by certain employees first. The next development steps can then be based on their feedback. If innovation surveys are conducted frequently, it makes sense to create an innovation portal. Our special panelingress module can be used to conduct regular surveys in closed user groups.

Mouse tracking (click test)

The analysis of advertising material, such as print ads, is gaining in importance. This is traditionally done by measuring the participant's point of gaze (eye tracking). For online surveys, click logging is used instead. The participant is shown an image or a video and asked to click on places in the image or video that his/her gaze immediately falls on. The mouse is basically an extension of the eye. This is an easy way to determine what consumers notice first and what they look at from that point onward. Before the test image is shown, the participant must qualify for the test by going through a training that is similar to a computer game.

Ingress' online eye-tracking system does not require any programming knowledge. All you have to do is upload the images or videos you want to test. The test is then configured and added to the questionnaire. Depending on the task, a variety of options can be set such as the length of time the image is displayed or the maximum number of clicks.
Mouse tracking picture

Mouse tracking picture

The results are displayed in keyingress in real time. Graphics are used to measure the participants' point of gaze. The different selection options enable statements to be made about specific target groups during the survey. The results can be exported for more advanced analyses.


The plugin interface enables external applications to be easily embedded in the questionnaire. Plugins can be written, for example, in JavaScript. The result variables are defined when the questionnaire is created. The data that are captured with the integrated application are stored in the variables. The application determines which data are stored in which variables. A standard function in the questionnaire is used to embed the application.

Surveys with external panellists

Even if you don't have any email addresses or participants for an online survey, you can still run an online survey with our keyingress software. In this case, external panellists that have agreed to take part in online surveys are used for your project. Panellists receive an email invitation that contains a link to the questionnaire in keyingress. The participant fills out the questionnaire and automatically returns to the panel operator when done.

Additional checks, for example, of quotas, are done in the keyingress questionnaire and automatically given to the panel supplier. The questionnaire contains links (redirects) that enable the automatic transmission of status messages. This enables the panel supplier to reward the participants accordingly, for example, for completing the interview. Addresses are not imported into keyingress for this type of online survey. All you do is create the questionnaire and define a design for the survey. The link that is used by the panel supplier is generated in keyingress when you set up the survey.

After-sales survey

Automatic surveys, which are sent to customers immediately after they place an order or make a purchase, are a type of survey that is frequently used. Customers receive an email with a link to the online questionnaire immediately after they make a purchase or place an order. keyingress enables this type of survey to be set up easily by any user without programming knowledge. A questionnaire and an online survey are created. The participant is automatically invited to participate in the survey by email. The invitation can be sent immediately after the order has been placed or later, for example, after the participant has received the order. Integrated online reporting provides insight into the results at any time. Filters can be used to evaluate the success of individual activities. This is a fast way of getting information about the quality of the product and the participant's perception of the order process.

The functions in a nutshell

  • Personalized survey links
  • Optional password access for participants
  • Multilingual
  • Questionnaire in corporate design
  • Quick polling
  • QR code generator
  • responsive Design (mobile friendly)
  • Email dispatcher
  • Email reminder
  • Reusable email templates
  • Own account to dispatch email
  • Email dispatch log
  • Bounce management
  • Can export survey links
  • Easy to import participants
  • PGP email encryption
  • Quota management
  • Field statistics
  • Online reporting
  • Can be combined with other survey methods (e.g. telephone interviews)
  • Can be used with external panellists