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keyingress is supposed to be used by several employees? No problem. The permission system enables you to determine who is allowed to do what, meaning that you are always in control. Permissions are assigned in keyingress in profiles. A profile is similar to a role and determines what the user with the profile is allowed to do. Every user you add to keyingress is assigned a profile. This has the advantage that you don't have to set permissions for each user individually. Because keyingress is client enabled, permissions in the profile can be client specific. You can also specify the questionnaires and surveys a user is allowed to work on at the user level. Access to the different clients can also be defined at the user level. For example, instead of changing a profile that has been configured for several clients, you can specify the clients the user is allowed to access at the user level.
The profile system in keyingress is suitable for large corporations and their organizational structure, but they're not mandatory and therefore do not have to be used by small companies.