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Easy questionnaire programming

In graphic mode, questions are moved around the questionnaire by click them where you need them. All of the common question types and special types are available. Question and answer texts are added in their own input fields. Filters, jumps and other options are activated with a click of the mouse. Multimedia elements such as images and videos can be uploaded and added to the questionnaire. The sequence of the questions and answers is changed by moving them around with the mouse. Changing the sequence does not affect any of the filters or jumps that are already in the questionnaire. Graphic mode lends itself particularly well to the creation of simple questionnaires. Experienced users can always switch from graphic mode to script mode and vice versa.
Easy questionnaire programming

Easy questionnaire programming

Edit question

Edit question

Script questionnaire programming

plain2form is a simple, easy-to-learn syntax that enables users with no programming knowledge to create questionnaires in no time. Each question in a questionnaire that is programmed with plain2form is marked with a macro, for example, [single] for single-choice questions. The answer immediately follows the question and is always preceded by a dash.

The method is designed for the highest demands and enables even very complex questionnaires to be programmed. Long questionnaires in particular are easier and quicker to create in plain2form than with the conventional click method. You can also programme the questionnaire in a standard editor such as Word and then copy and paste it into keyingress.
Questionnaire creation

Questionnaire creation

Test questionnaire script

Try the plain2form method yourself. It's very easy and doesn't require any programming skills.

Test plain2form

The functions in a nutshell

  • All question types, also in combinations
  • Drag and drop questions
  • Surveytainment
  • Complex filters, jumps and loops
  • Rotation and random
  • Multimedia embedding (images, sounds, videos, flash)
  • Calculation of variables
  • Script and sample-driven questionnaire
  • Plugin interface for external applications
  • Data lists
  • Quota management
  • Personalized error messages
  • Coding
  • Translation function (all languages and character sets)
  • Export to PDF and note function for questionnaire testing

Questionnaire service

If you don't have time to programme the questionnaire, we can always do it for you! Send us the template and we'll send you the programmed and tested questionnaire within a few days. Click here for more information about our services.