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Studio Research

Field studios are used for face-to-face interviews. Today, the interviewer usually enters the answers immediately in the computer. The computer can also be used to show images or videos (e.g. commercials). The questionnaire is usually created by the end-client, the market research agency, and the data are usually entered at the studio. keyingress has a special module, studioingress, for this particular area of application.

Central questionnaires and analyses

Studio survey projects that are run with keyingress are set up by the market research agency. The agency programmes the questionnaire, sets up the survey and defines the quotas. They also set up the studios that will be running the project and provide them with their own login information. The results can be viewed in real time during the survey and the data are immediately available. Studio-related analyses are always possible. studioingress optimizes communication between the researcher and the studio. Questionnaires and results no longer have be exchanged by fax or email. Direct access to the results enables the survey to be controlled much faster and corrective action can be taken while the survey is being conducted.
Studio management

Studio management

If desired, we can programme the questionnaire and set up the project for you. More information is available under Service.

Studio access

Studios need an internet connection in order to access the questionnaire online. Images and videos are easy to display because they're embedded in the questionnaire. Surveys can be stopped and started at any time. This is necessary, for example, when respondents are asked to test products before filling out the questionnaire. The studio also has insight into the quotas. Time-consuming and error-prone checklists are a thing of the past.

The functions in a nutshell

  • Central project management
  • Studio-related quotas
  • Studio can be used in the questionnaire as filter variable
  • Ability to embed images and videos
  • Any number of studios can be set up
  • Own studio access
  • Can select language per studio
  • Studio interface in corporate design
  • Studio-related analyses