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Telephone Interviews (CATI)

keyingress' CATI module guarantees that your telephone interviews are always successful. The interviewers access the software through a standard browser and are automatically allocated participants. This module has a number of monitoring functions that help guide the project.

Interviewer interface

Each interviewer has his/her own login, which takes them to their own interviewer area. The participants are displayed and the calling started. The interviewer can select discussion results such as 'Line busy' or 'Not interested'. This is also where follow-ups are created. The interviewer area is so well structured that no more is needed to get started than a brief orientation. Telephone numbers are dialled by clicking them in keyingress' CTI interface. For larger projects, we also offer predictive and power dialling.
Easy interviewer portal

Easy interviewer portal

Project management

Projects are managed in the administration area. New telephone interviews are created with a few clicks of the mouse. The questionnaire is first selected and then the target group. The target group contains the participants that are to be called, i.e. the people you previously uploaded or selected in Sample Management. This is also where you assign projects to the interviewers. All of the settings can be changed at any time, even when the interview is in progress.


keyingress' Supervisor Monitor module enables you to monitor your telephone interviews in real time. A clear and well-structured form displays the live status of your interviewers. You see immediately whether an interviewer is busy or taking a break and you can send interviewers messages. The status of the quota is also displayed. Quotas that don't have enough participants are indicated by a traffic signal. This facilitates proactive decision-making.
Supervisor monitor

Supervisor monitor

HR planning

The HR planning function in keyingress enables you to assign your interviewers to shifts. You can always see which interviewers are working when. Interviewers can also book their shifts themselves. All you have to do is create shift plans and activate them for the interviewers. You can allocate interviewers to cover your needs, for example, by determining that you need more interviewers in the evening than in the morning.


To ensure large telephone surveys are conducted efficiently, keyingress has an interface to two proven dialler systems. You can rent the diallers on a project basis and use them online. You don't have to invest in any hardware or software. You only pay for the dialer when you actually use it. Dialling is controlled through keyingress, which results in huge savings. The dialer dials the numbers and only forwards calls that are answered to an interviewer. Numbers that are not answered are automatically flagged.
Dialler settings

Dialler settings


Wouldn't it be great if you could show things to the person at the other end of the phone? Respondents wouldn't have to come to the studio anymore to test commercials. You could also discuss more complex topics because you could show respondents images and drawings or even entire questions. Well, you can do all that now with keyingress. Co-browsing enables respondents to actively participate in the telephone interview. Interviewers can show images, videos, flash animation and even questions. The interviewer sends the respondent the webpage needed to log into the questionnaire. The webpage automatically displays the elements the respondent is allowed to see or click on.

The functions in a nutshell

  • Clear, well-structured interviewer interface
  • User-definable result categories
  • Displays participants automatically
  • Follow-up management
  • Interviewer can send email in real-time
  • Mixed-mode surveys CATI/online
  • Comprehensive address management
  • Intuitive address import and export function
  • Computer-driven number dialling (CTI, TAPI)
  • Dialer
  • Interviewer management
  • HR planning
  • Supervisor Monitor
  • Interviewer control
  • Question and address-based quota control
  • Co-browsing
  • Virtual interviewer workplaces (home office)
  • Can be integrated with third-party software (e.g. call centre software)
  • Can integrate external survey links