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Online surveys must have an appealing design because visually appealing surveys are the most likely to be answered. Survey design is driven in keyingress by a sophisticated template system. You can create any number of templates and select the one that fits a particular survey best.
Customer survey in a corporate design

Customer survey in a corporate design

Templates are created in the template engine Smarty. The questionnaire's functionality is defined during the programming phase, while its design is determined by the template.

Template types

  • Online surveys: entire questionnaires
  • Mobile templates for iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Online surveys: individual questions
  • Online surveys: individual answers
  • Progress bar
  • HTML email
  • Mobile surveys
  • Studio surveys
  • Online panel
  • Online reports
These template types enable you to create very demanding layout requirements.


If you don't have time to create a template yourself, we can do it for you as an additional service. Do not hesitate to contact us.