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Features and Functions at a Glance

Below is a list of the main functions of our keyingress survey software. A functional overview for each of the modules can be found under the respective module.


  • All question types, also in combinations
  • Drag and drop questions
  • Surveytainment
  • Complex filters, jumps and loops
  • Rotation and random
  • Multimedia embedding (images, sounds, videos, flash)
  • Calculation of variables
  • Script and sample-driven questionnaire
  • Plugin interface for external applications
  • Data lists
  • Quota management
  • Personalized error messages
  • Coding
  • Translation function (all languages and character sets)
  • Export to PDF and note function for questionnaire testing

Telephone interviews (CATI)

  • Clear, well-structured interviewer interface
  • User-definable result categories
  • Displays participants automatically
  • Follow-up management
  • Interviewer can send email in real-time
  • Mixed-mode surveys CATI/online
  • Comprehensive address management
  • Intuitive address import and export function
  • Computer-driven number dialling (CTI, TAPI)
  • Dialler
  • Interviewer management
  • HR planning
  • Supervisor Monitor
  • Interviewer control
  • Question and address-based quota control
  • Co-browsing
  • Virtual interviewer workplaces (home office)
  • Can be integrated with third-party software (e.g. call centre software)
  • Can integrate external survey links

Online surveys

  • Personalized survey links
  • Optional password access for participants
  • Multilingual
  • Questionnaire in corporate design
  • Quick polling
  • Email dispatcher
  • Email reminder
  • Reusable email templates
  • Own account to dispatch email
  • Email dispatch log
  • Bounce management
  • Can export survey links
  • Easy to import participants
  • PGP email encryption
  • Quota management
  • Field statistics
  • Online reporting
  • Can be combined with other survey methods (e.g. telephone interviews)
  • Can be used with external panellists

Studio surveys

  • Central project management
  • Studio-related quotas
  • Studio can be used in the questionnaire as filter variable
  • Ability to embed images and videos
  • Any number of studios can be set up
  • Own studio access
  • Can select language per studio
  • Studio interface in corporate design
  • Studio-related analyses

Sample management, Address management

  • Intuitive import and export function
  • User-definable import formats to allocate import data
  • Thirteen different field types for data storage
  • Structured data storage
  • Relationships can be displayed
  • Permissions at the data field level
  • Savable search builder and SQL statement search
  • Search using SQL queries for advanced users
  • Sample creation based on conditions
  • Blacklist
  • Configurable duplicate checker
  • Ad block
  • Address history

Reporting and exporting data

  • Graphical and tabular views of questionnaire results
  • Easy-to-read graphics
  • Questionnaire and survey filters
  • Status filter
  • Date selection
  • Time assessment (by question and questionnaire)
  • Open mentions
  • Coding
  • Response statistics
  • Drop-out statistics
  • Quota analysis with available participants
  • Field report
  • Export to Excel (CSV), SPSS (labelled), ASCII, topStud, triple-S and GESS tabs
  • Questionnaire and survey filters
  • Status filter
  • Date selection
  • Export response times for each of the questions
  • Export only specific questions
  • Generate an analysis file (viewer) for SPSS
  • Configurable columns for ASCII export

Our Customers say:

There are few market research tools that can
manage complex projects and are so easy to use.

Frank Jablonski, Managing Director, Jasu Market Research GmbH