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Project flow

Feedback analyses are usually carried out in the form of online surveys, one of the advantages being that the different roles can be determined in advance. Survey participants receive an invitation by email and answer the questionnaire online, which displays different statements based on the participant's role. For example, a manager will see the statement 'I give concrete goals', whereas an employee will see the statement 'My manager gives concrete goals'. Survey roles are defined in an allocation matrix, which is also where you define who will be evaluating whom. Self-assessments are also set up here. The allocation can be done by the participants themselves by means of a preceding survey or in the background by the project manager. Allocations can also be imported.
Feeback giver and feedback recipient

Feeback giver and feedback recipient

Data protection and anonymity

Data protection and anonymity are particularly important when it comes to employee surveys. The survey is conducted over an encrypted SSL connection. The results of the survey are stored separately from the participants' data, and because the software is usually hosted on Ingress' servers, your IT staff cannot access it. Storing the data externally increases participant acceptance. The results have user-definable anonymity boundaries that make it impossible to trace results back to the participant.

Online feedback portal

The optional online feedback portal gives survey participants insight into the status of a project and their tasks. Their password enables them to access the secure portal where they can see which evaluations they need to complete and what the status of the external evaluation is. The information is displayed with a practical traffic signal. At the end of the project, participants can download their personal results reports from the portal, which can be seamlessly integrated with the company's website or intranet. The content of the portal is user definable.
Example of a feedback portal

Example of a feedback portal

Results reports and export

The results are available as soon as the survey has been completed. Every manager receives a personal results report. If desired, it can even contain comparisons with other surveys. During the survey, project managers have access to a reporting function that enables them to see the status of the survey and generate online reports.