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All languages - all character sets

With the keyingress survey software, you can put together international surveys in no time. All languages and all character sets are available. First, create a questionnaire in the master language, e.g. English. Then, translate it into as many languages as you need. The benefit: there is only one questionnaire in keyingress and therefore only one dataset, making the analysis of your international projects easy.

Questionnaire translation

Questionnaire translation

AI-based translation

Why do something manually when you can automate it? Use the integrated AI tools Google Translate and DeepL to translate your questionnaires with one click. You can always change the text if you’re not happy with the automatic translation. If you work with a lot of translated questionnaires, you can also use keyingress’s internal translation library.

Easy translation management

When it comes to multilingual projects, the devil is always in the detail. The field may have to start the interviews even though some languages are still in translation. Or maybe a translation has to be changed after the field has started. With keyingress, that’s not a problem: you can change a translation that's in use and even temporarily deactivate it for the field if you need to.