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One questionnaire for all channels

In keyingress, the questionnaire is the basis of your survey projects. All questionnaires are managed centrally and can be used for all survey channels: onlineofflinetelephone (CATI), panel, as well as in several channels at the same time (mixed mode). It can’t get more multichannel than that! Our promise: that a questionnaire is so easy and fast to create, that any user can do it. Which is why we created two different modes for you to choose from.

keyingress survey types

keyingress survey types

Easy questionnaire creation

Easy questionnaire creation

Easy questionnaire creation for everyone

Graphic mode in the keyingress survey software is a clearly structured graphical user interface that makes it easy to create questionnaires. Whether you’re using standard question types or special questions, filters, skip logic or other options - everything is activated by mouse click. You can also upload and add multimedia elements such as images and videos to the questionnaire. Frequently used questions can be saved in a question library. Experienced users can switch between graphical and script mode at any time.

Questionnaire script for experts

If you’re an expert questionnaire programmer and create lots of complex questionnaires, script mode in keyingress will be your go-to programming mode. The plain2form script has a simple syntax and is designed to meet the highest demands. It impresses with its flexibility and simplicity. In plain2form, each question is distinguished by a macro, for example, [single] for single-choice questions. The answers immediately follow the question text and are always preceded by a dash. All other functions, such as filters, are defined by macros.

Questionnaire script mode

Questionnaire script mode

Try the script

Try the plain2form script. It's very easy and doesn't require any programming skills.

Try the script now

All functions at a glance

  • 30+ question types
  • Drag and drop questions (surveytainment, gamification)
  • Slider
  • Loops
  • Extensive filter options based on questions or sample data
  • Skip logic
  • Multimedia content (photos, audio, video)
  • Accessible questionnaires
  • Quality functions
  • Test dataset generator
  • Translation function (all languages, all character sets)
  • Variable calculation
  • Hidden variables/auxilliary questions
  • Interview participant can upload files
  • User-defined variable names
  • Manual or automated coding
  • Definition of missing values
  • Embed answers and results in follow-up questions
  • Data lists
  • Embed scripts
  • Personalise questionnaires
  • Global variables for external questionnaire control
  • Display logic for text elements
  • Restrict the answers that can be entered
  • Quota check in the questionnaire can be switched on and off
  • Questionnaire control is based on the survey mode
  • Can have several questions on one page
  • Questions and answers are fully formattable
  • Footers for questions
  • Question and answer rotation
  • Question and answer randomisation
  • Alphabetically sort answers
  • Display answers in columns
  • Keyboard navigation (for CATI interviews)
  • Hide Continue and Back buttons
  • Show Reset button
  • Custom error messages
  • Custom button labels
  • Automatic forwarding to third-party webpages and applications
  • Trigger an action in the questionnaire
  • Numerous layout template options
  • Co-browsing in telephone interviews
  • Use participant data fields in questionnaires
  • PDF export and note function for questionnaire testing
  • Embed third-party applications (plugins)
  • Calculate scores in questionnaires

Ingress’s questionnaire service

Take advantage of our experts’ experience. If you don't have the time or inclination to programme a questionnaire, let us do it for you! Send us the template and within a few days we'll send you a fully programmed and tested questionnaire.

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