keyingress 6

keyingress Version 6

Key enhancements

The waiting is over: The new keyingress version 6 is ready for delivery. As this is a major release, your account will be updated in agreement with you. If you haven't already done so, please contact us to set a time and date that is convenient for you.

The update will not affect ongoing projects, profiles, administrator permissions, or any of your custom settings.

This new version has a brand new look and feel as well as new functions and tools. Following is a brief description of the key enhancements.


The new homepage immediately displays when you log in. In addition to recent software updates, this page will now display the interviews that have been conducted and the emails that have been sent over the last seven days. A revolving banner is used to draw your attention to new tools and functions.

All of the elements can be disabled for administrators with restricted access permissions. This is particularly useful for your customers' access.

User interface and menu structure

The user interface has been fully revamped. A new colour system and improved element organization provide for a cleaner overview. We didn't completely reorganize the elements, so you'll still be able to quickly navigate the new version.
Easy user interface

Easy user interface

The menu and its structure have undergone a more substantial change.
New main menu

New main menu

New menu items, under which you will find the menus you're familiar with, have been added to the main menu.
  • Main menu Project Management: Contains the menu items Questionnaire, Target Group Management and Surveys as well as their respective submenus
  • Main menu Reporting & Exports: Contains the menu item Reporting
  • Main menu Tools: Contains the menu item Tools
  • Main menu Portal: Contains the menu item Portal (only available to panelingress users)
A colour system was developed and implemented to help you navigate easier. In the short term, some menu items will be renamed, but the basic structure will not change.

Select tenant has been moved to the top left of the screen and is identified by the Folder icon.
New tenant selection

New tenant selection

Settings, Manual and Logging out



The menus Settings, Manual and Log out are now at the top right of the screen below the small Profile icon.

Advanced options as context menu

All elements, such as Questionnaires, Target groups and Surveys have advanced options, which include Reset, Delete and Archive. These options were previously displayed as icons.
Additional options, questionnaire example

Additional options, questionnaire example

These options are now accessed from the new context menu, which is identified by three dots in the respective row. This has eliminated icons, which gives the user interface a cleaner look.

Box layout for select menus

A few menus now have a box layout instead of submenus. This reduces the size of the main menu and declutters the user interface.
Display with boxes, blacklist example

Display with boxes, blacklist example

New questionnaire analysis

The questionnaire analysis function has been redeveloped from scratch. These are the key enhancements:
  • Any number of questions in a questionnaire can be analysed in parallel
  • Chart types can be changed
  • Custom colour sets can be added
  • There are more filter options, including for questions and answers
  • Reports can be saved and shared through a link
Three steps are needed to analyse a questionnaire: First, the questionnaire is selected, then the questions are selected, and finally the report is generated.
Questionnaire selection

Questionnaire selection

Question selection

Question selection

Report display

Report display

The report is saved by clicking on the icons at the top right of the screen. This is also where you can load reports, change colours and filters, and share reports.


This new release is the first step in our 2020 Roadmap. Other exciting enhancements are planned and will be announced shortly.
  • The new questionnaire analysis will be enhanced with a direct export function to Powerpoint
  • New filter tool (will be used in the analysis, search builder and dashboard)
  • The analysis will have a new integrated cross table function with an export function to Excel
  • Redesigned graphic mode for quick questionnaire creation
  • Redesigned CATI interface